Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Can Fount Ride T.W. Shannon Back to Power?

For some reason, my Republican colleagues in the House have decided to select the 2013-2014 Speaker of the House in the next month or two. Current candidates include George Faught, Jeff Hickman, T.W. Shannon and Dan Sullivan - all are good men, and would do a good job for Oklahoma. But what about the company they keep?

T.W. Shannon is known to be close to Fount Holland. More than one of my colleagues and I have been contacted by Fount, asking us to support T.W. Now T.W. Shannon is not the only one who uses Fount and AH Strategies (Faught, 11/08/08, $1,000; Hickman, 10/29/10, $4,867; Sullivan, 10/20/10, $22,203 - www.ok.gov/ethics), but he is oddly the one getting help from outside sources. Today, I won't even mention the Senate involvement - maybe Cottontail will in a few days.

I was elected by the voters of District 222 to represent them in the House, and Flopsy was elected to serve the voters of District 333. What district does Fount Holland represent? Why is an unelected person, not even a bureaucrat, pressuring House members to support his candidate for Speaker?

Oh, that's right. The Speaker controls the House PAC and strongly recommends consultants to candidates new and old. Let's see - 70 Republican members and a $20,000 win bonus for each. That's $1.4 million in potential win bonus for Fount if the new Speaker owes him. No wonder Fount has chosen a horse in this race. A horse he can control. A horse that will promise and do what ever it takes to win.

- Mopsy

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