Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Open Carry for Bunny Hunters Across Oklahoma

Last year, Republican Senators realized that you can count to 25 in a variety of ways.  I've been hearing that some Republican House members have figured out that 31 is a big part of 51.

Hallway scuttlebutt has T.W. Shannon wanting to become speaker right away, and not waiting almost two years until the next term.  I have heard from multiple colleagues that T.W. could build on his support for the next speaker's race, and give the Democrats a minimal amount of tribute, to get to the 51 votes needed to elect a Speaker now.

SB 129, which would allow open-carry, is a key part of the true social conservative agenda that a 70% Republican majority should be passing and sending to the governor to become law.  Maybe Mr. Hackett of the Oklahoma Liberty Caucus was right - if the State Chamber doesn't like it, it won't happen.

T.W. considers himself a "true conservative," so he would certainly order his committee chairmen to hear SB 129, and other conservative agenda items, if he were speaker.  Or he would replace them - their choice.

Can we expect the current speaker to show that bold leadership, and keep the respect of his caucus?

- Mopsy

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