Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fount Holland, Puppeteer to the Stars?

Normal Oklahomans have never heard of Fount Holland. Flopsy and I are often jealous of these people who do not drive on Lincoln Boulevard everyday.

Those of you reading Oklahoma Bunnies probably know his name. As was well documented by Michael Bates in 2006, Fount went from newspaper reporter to Coburn staffer to political consultant in just a few years. Republicans across the state recognize and appreciate Fount's efforts from a decade ago. But times change...

Fount worked closely with disgraced former House Speaker Lance Cargill. As the Tulsa World reported, "At the same time Cargill was proposing reforms, he was calling lobbyists at 15-minute intervals to the Oklahoma City office of Fount Holland, who conducts numerous Republican political campaigns. Cargill was asking lobbyists how much they would contribute to the House PAC, his own campaign and two other GOP-related entities."

Once Fount got Lance Cargill elected speaker, there weren't as many challenges. That's when he started running candidates in contested Republican primaries. Fount makes lots of money on contested races - he marks up candidates' mail, he marks up their television ad production costs, he marks up the air time for their television ads, and he marks up anything else he can provide for a profit. All of the candidates' mail is produced by Fount and his Majority Designs operation. Even better, according to Mike Christian as quoted on oktruthcouncil.com, Fount gets a win bonus of $20,000 per House seat and $40,000 per Senate seat.

But Fount is not happy. He did not run the House PAC in 2010 like he did previous years, and hasn't controlled the speaker since Cargill was forced out. Fount wants his power back.

Fount used to be in it for the cause, but now seems have his head in a hole or a carrot up his...  He is in the game solely for the power and $$$$.

Everyone is worried about lobbyists these days, but the true threat to our liberties, other than "fascist" capitalism, is Fount Holland, Puppeteer to the Stars.

- Mopsy

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