Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Could T.W. Shannon Reshape Oklahoma?

Rural House members should be very careful supporting T.W. Shannon for Speaker of the House of Representatives as it could bring their political lives to a screeching halt.

Representative David Derby, who is one of T.W.'s inner circle, this year introduced HB 1289, which is noted for "requiring school districts to restructure into a consolidated county school district." This year, the bill was referred to the Common Education Committee, where it died when no action was taken.

If David Derby is the Speaker Pro-Tem, or God forbid the floor leader to Speaker T.W. Shannon, next session's bill will be heard in committee and the Majority Whip will make sure it has the votes to pass on the floor.

Voters across Oklahoma have made their love for their local schools very clear. Elected officials who cross voters on this issue will face very cross voters at their next election. Cross voters don't like the incumbents that annoyed them.

(Today, I won't talk about another of T.W.'s inner circle, the member who had sex with his assistant in his office in the Capitol.)

- Mopsy

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